Welcome to Imago Education

  • Welcome to Imago Education

    acacia tree 800Homeschooling is a great adventure! It has the potential to launch your child into adulthood with a comprehensive world view, firm convictions, academic mastery and a vision for the future. But, like any adventure, there are many potential pitfalls and some real dangers — enough to make anyone uncertain or even afraid, especially when your child's future is at stake! What is the right way? How do you evaluate the abundant advice, ideas, suggestions and information? How do you plan a school-leaving qualification that will open the right doors for your child? How do you ensure that your child is ready for the final exams?

    We, the Button family, started our homeschool adventure in 2001. It was nerve-wracking in the beginning, but very soon we began to experience its benefits — especially in terms of family life. We used a structured programme that culminated in the International GCSE and AS/A Levels. All four of our children went on to study at university, each in a very different field. Between them they covered music, literature, physics and radio astronomy, and occupational therapy. Our own experience has convinced us that homeschooling can be an excellent vehicle to prepare young people for a life of purpose and fulfilment.

    We enjoyed our homeschooling adventure so much that we started Imago Education to help other homeschooling families enjoy and succeed in their adventure. Besides homeschooling our own daughters we have tutored many other students since 2015 and have had the privilege of counselling many homeschool families in their journey.

    What can we offer you?

    • A wealth of experience, specialist subject knowledge and educational expertise
    • Helpful articles on a variety of topics to help you navigate your own homeschool adventure
    • Personal and group consultations to help you in your own unique homeschool journey
    • Course material for some of the the International GCSE and AS/A Level courses
    • Face-to-face and online classes in some specialized subjects such as English, Maths and Biology

    Our mission is to empower homeschooling families for joyful and effective learning that prepares young people for a life of purpose and fulfillment. To put it simply, we long to see children learning, growing, living!