Cambridge International AS and A level subjects and codes

as subjects codesCambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) offers many different subjects at AS and A level to suit the needs of a wide range of students as they prepare for tertiary studies or work. Although the full range of subjects is not available to private candidates, there are enough that are available to make Cambridge International AS and A levels a worthwhile choice for most private candidates. Cambridge International offers two exam sessions per year: the May/June exam session and the October/November exam session. There is also the March exam session which applies to India only. Most subjects are examined in both sessions, but again not all. In the table below, I have listed all the subjects that are offered by Cambridge International, giving their codes, when they are examined and whether they are available to private candidates.

Bookmark this page and use it as an index and quick reference for all available AS/A level subjects!

Syllabus information

annotated syllabusIt is very important that you download the syllabus for each subject which you are studying, as the syllabus has very important information that will help you with your planning and preparation for that exam. The syllabi are available on the Cambridge Assessment International Education website.

The front cover of a syllabus will give you the name of the subject as well as the course code (a four digit number). The front cover will also state when the particular syllabus will be examined. This is where you will see which exam sessions this particular syllabus will be examined in. Some syllabi are only relevant for one year, while others for two or even three years. This allows Cambridge International to keep their courses on the cutting edge of teaching/learning and assessment. All subjects are regularly reviewed to make sure that they are meeting international standards and requirements.  It is very important to download the syllabus for the year that you will actually write the exam. For example, if you are planning to write Accounting (code: 9706) in 2019, then you would download the syllabus for 2019-2021, even if you are starting to prepare for the exam in 2018.

The first page of the syllabus will give you changes that have been made to the syllabus. Some of these can be minor, like a word change to make something clearer; but some changes are more significant, where content is added to or removed from the syllabus. This does mean that when you are practising past papers, you may come across some questions that are no longer relevant to the syllabus.

To find out whether a particular subject is available to private candidates, look under the heading 'Availability' which is usually a sub-heading under section 1 'Syllabus overview'.

Other important information that you will find in the syllabus includes:

  • information about Cambridge International
  • content to be covered in the course
  • assessment
    • aims and objectives
    • what papers to write and a brief description of the structure, marks, time, and weighting of each paper
    • what assessment objectives will be examined in each paper and to what extent
  • prior knowledge needed
  • useful information for each subject (such as formulae)
  • a description of what is expected at the different grades
  • a glossary of exam terms (where applicable)

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE)
AS and A level subjects


  • This information is applicable at least until the end of 2018.
  • I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information, but please double check the information by consulting the Cambridge International website before committing yourself to a course of study or an exam.


* Indicates subjects that will be taken off soon. Where possible, I have given the date of the last exam for that subject.

# Indicates a subject that is not available in all the administrative zones, so you will have to check for your specific zone.

 SubjectCodeAvailable to private candidatesExamined in May/JuneExamined in October/November
Accounting 9706 Yes Yes Yes
(A level only)
9679  Yes No Yes
Afrikaans - First language
(AS level only)*
8779 Yes No Yes
Last exam Oct/Nov 2018
Afrikaans - Language 8679 Yes No Yes
Arabic 9680 Yes Yes Yes
Arabic - Language
(AS level only)
8680 Yes Yes Yes
Art and Design* 9704 No Yes Yes
Last exam Oct/Nov 2019
Art and design
(New from 2019)
9479 No Yes Yes
Biology 9700 Yes (with practical) Yes Yes
Business studies 9609 Yes Yes Yes
Chemistry 9701 Yes (with practical) Yes Yes
Chinese - Language
(AS level only)
8681 Yes No Yes
(A level only)
9715 Yes No Yes
Classical studies 9274 Yes No Yes
Computer science 9608 Yes Yes Yes
Design and Technology 9705 No No Yes
Design and Textiles 9631 No No Yes
Last exam Oct/Nov 2018
Digital Media and Design
(new from 2019)
9481 No Yes Yes
Divinity 9011 Yes No Yes
(AS level only)
8041 Yes No Yes
Economics 9708 Yes Yes Yes
English - Language and Literature
(AS level only)
8695 Yes Yes Yes
English - Language 9093 Yes Yes Yes
English - Literature 9695 Yes Yes Yes
English General Paper
(AS level only) (new from 2019)
8021 Yes Yes Yes
Environmental Management
(AS level only)
8291 No Yes Yes
Food studies* 9336 No No Yes
French - Language
(AS level only)
8682 Yes Yes Yes
French - Literature
(AS level only)
8670 Yes Yes Yes
(A level only)
9716 Yes Yes Yes
General paper
(AS level only)*
8001 Yes Yes Yes
Last exam  Oct/Nov 2018
General paper
(AS level only)*
8004 Yes Yes Yes
Last exam Oct/Nov 2018
Geography 9696 Yes Yes Yes
German - Language
(AS level)
8683 Yes No Yes
(A level)
9717 Yes No Yes
Global perspectives and research 9239 No Yes Yes
Hindi - Language
(AS level only)
8687 Yes No Yes
Hindi - Literature
(AS level only)
8675 Yes No Yes
(A level only)
9687 Yes No Yes
Hinduism 9014 Yes No Yes
(AS level only)
8058 Yes No Yes
History 9389 Yes Yes Yes
Information Technology
(new from 2017)
9626 Yes Yes Yes
Islamic studies 9013 Yes No Yes
Islamic studies
(AS level only)
8053 Yes No Yes
Japanese Language
(AS level only)
8281 Yes No Yes
Law 9084 Yes Yes Yes
Marine Science # 9693 Yes Yes Yes
Mathematics 9709 Yes Yes Yes
Mathematics - further 9231 Yes Yes Yes
Media studies
(New from 2017)
9607 No Yes Yes
Music * 9703 No Yes Yes
Last exam Oct/Nov 2019
(new from 2019)
9483 No    
(AS level only)*
8663 No Yes Yes
Last exam Oct/Nov 2019
Nepal studies
(AS level only)
8024 Yes Yes No
Physical Education 9396 No No Yes
Physics 9702 Yes (with practical) Yes Yes
Portuguese - Language
(AS level only)
8684 Yes Yes  No
Portuguese - Literature
(AS level only)
8672 Yes  Yes  No
(A level only)
9718  Yes  Yes  No
Psychology* 9698  Yes Yes Yes
Last exam Oct/Nov 2018
(new from 2018)
9990  Yes  Yes Yes
Sociology  9699  Yes Yes Yes
Spanish - First language
(AS level only
8665  Yes  Yes  Yes
Spanish - Language
(AS level only)
8685  Yes  Yes  Yes
Spanish - Literature
(AS level only)
8673  Yes  Yes  Yes
(A level only)
 9719  Yes  Yes Yes
Tamil 9689  Yes  No  Yes
Tamil - Language
(AS level only)
8689  Yes  No  Yes
Thinking Skills 9694  Yes  Yes Yes
Travel and Tourism 9395  No  Yes Yes
Urdu - Language
(AS level only)
 8686  Yes No  Yes
(A level only)
9676  Yes  No  Yes