Imago Education and Cambridge International: where do we fit in?

puzzle piecesQualifications issued by Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International) are well known for their educational quality as well as their widespread recognition, making Cambridge International an excellent choice for the final years of secondary schooling. But deciding to enrol for a Cambridge International qualification is only the beginning. The real challenge comes in mastering the various curricula and in preparing yourself for the final exams. In this regard it is important to understand what Cambridge International does and does not do.

The primary function of Cambridge International is to specify the learning outcomes for each subject (often known as the syllabus); to set, administer, and mark examinations that test students' mastery of the learning outcomes; and to issue certificates that attest to the student's level of mastery and achievement. Cambridge International does not provide teaching and learning programmes that will lead to the required mastery. This is something that each student has to organize for himself or herself; and the options will depend largely on what is available in your own country and locality.

Broadly speaking, there are two approaches to studying for a Cambridge International qualification:

  • You may enrol in a Cambridge International-accredited school; this may be a traditional school or a distance-learning programme. In this case, the school will provide you with a comprehensive teaching programme, handle your exam registration, and provide or organize the venue for you to write your exams.
  • You may enter as a private candidate. In this case you will need to find your own exam venue (often through the local British Council, or a local Cambridge school), and you will need to take responsibility for your own study programme.

Enrolling in a Cambridge International-accredited school is a good option for many, but it is expensive, and there are many students who either need or prefer to enter as private candidates. (It is the private candidate option which allows home schoolers to obtain Cambridge International qualifications.) While the private candidate route can be very cost effective and satisfying, those who choose it need to understand what is required for success. As a private candidates you must know how to:

  • choose subjects that will lay the right foundation for the next stage of your educational journey;
  • plan your curriculum, including how many subjects to take in each year and what order to take them in;
  • navigate the administrative procedures, including registering for exams, finding an exam venue, etc.;
  • set up a study programme that will prepare you adequately for the final exams.

It must be emphasized that private candidates must get to grips with these matters for themselves. Many students have enrolled with service providers in the belief that the service provider will handle everything, only to find — sometimes when it is too late — that important pieces of the puzzle have been left out.

With these realities in mind, it is our aim at Imago Education to help empower students for success as private candidates in the Cambridge International examinations. We really want you to succeed — in the most stress-free and enjoyable way possible, and without spending an unnecessary fortune! On this website we will provide information which, we trust, will take much of the mystery out of the Cambridge qualification system. We also provide study materials that are designed to lead students to a mastery of some of the key subjects required for the IG and AS-Level qualifications.

Please consult our home page and the relevant course descriptions for further information about how our programmes work. The free lessons will also give you a good idea of what we offer and how it can benefit you.