Pure Maths 2: introduction

The Cambridge International Pure Maths 2 (P2) course

Pure Maths 2 (P2) is one of the three optional papers that can be taken for Cambridge International's AS-Level Mathematics course (course code 9709). Please see the introduction to AS-Level Mathematics for information on the overall programme, choices of papers, prerequisites, etc.

The Cambridge International Pure Maths 2 course covers a number of fundamental topics in mathematics, including:

  • polynomials
  • the modulus (absolute value) function
  • exponential and logarithmic functions
  • differentiating exponentials and logarithms
  • trigonometry: secant, cosecant, cotangent; addition formulae; double angle formulae
  • differentiating trigonometric functions
  • differentiating products
  • solving equations numerically
  • approximating integrals numerically
  • parametric equations
  • curves defined implicitly

A number of these topics are fundamental for any further studies in mathematics, science, or engineering — especially those relating to exponentials, logarithms, and trigonometry. As far as the Cambridge AS level curriculum is concerned, these are covered only in Pure Maths 2; this makes P2 the preferred module for candidates who wish to prepare adequately for tertiary studies in science or engineering.

The Imago Education Pure Maths 2 course

pure maths 2 textOur Pure Maths 2 course is based on the text book Pure Mathematics 2 & 3: Coursebook by Hugh Neill, Douglas Quadling and Julian Gilbey, revised edition (Cambridge University Press, 2016, ISBN 9781316600221). This book is endorsed by Cambridge International and includes a large number of exercises that will lead the student to the level of skill required by the Cambridge International curriculum.

While recognizing the value of the text book, we also understand that very few students are able to master the concepts and skills required for this course simply by reading and studying the text book. We therefore provide online lessons which use the following approach:

  • The curriculum is divided into manageable lessons which enable you to plan an effective study programme.
  • Face-to-face videos explain the concepts involved in each lesson. This allows you to repeat any explanation as often as you wish, until you grasp the concept being explained.
  • Key definitions and formulae are highlighted so that you know exactly what the core concepts are.
  • Exercises are selected from the text book so that you can build up your skills from the simple application of isolated concepts to the combined application of a number of skills in solving a complex problem.
  • Detailed worked solutions are provided to the exercises so that you are able to correct your work, evaluate your progress, and identify concepts and skills that still require more work. (This in itself is an extremely valuable tool, and one which is not easy to obtain anywhere.)

We do believe that you will find this programme to be an invaluable aid in working through Cambridge International's Pure Maths 2 curriculum, and in preparing for the final exam. Although our course is prepared with private candidates in mind, it may also be of great benefit to students who are enrolled in a formal school. The course does aim to be comprehensive and self-contained, and we believe that many students will be able to do well in their Cambridge International exams using only the materials provided here. If you do still need a personal tutor, you will probably find that such need is drastically reduced by the way the course is presented.

Please look at the Preliminaries article and our free lessons (indicated by a * in the table of contents on the left of this page) to get a better idea of how this course works.

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