Lesson 1.9 Chapter review

This is a free lesson. We trust you enjoy it!

Introduction to lesson

You have come now to the end of Chapter 1! We trust that you have enjoyed learning about how living organisms are classified. In this lesson, you will evaluate how much you have learned through this chapter. Before you answer the end-of-chapter questions, ask yourself these important questions:

  1. What new things did you learn in this chapter?
  2. What things did you know already?
  3. Were you able to correctly answer the questions in the coursebook?
  4. Were you able to correctly answer the questions in the Workbook?
  5. Were you able to correctly answer the questions in worksheet 1.1 and worksheet 1.3?
  6. Did you set out your calculations correctly? (i.e. Did you first state the formula you were using in symbol form? Did you then substitute the numbers from the problem into the correct places in the formula? Were your calculations correct? Did you give the correct unit for your answer?)
  7. Are you able to describe the characteristics of living organisms and give the correct definition for each of those characteristics?
  8. Do you understand the concept and use of a classification system?
  9. Are you able to list the main features of the different types of organisms dealt with in this chapter?
  10. Are you able to make a correct biological drawing?
  11. Are you able to calculate magnification?
  12. Are you able to work with a dichotomous key?


 Read the summary on p. 16 of the course book. Are you able to answer these questions? If not, re-read the relevant sections and answer the questions

 Checklist with the syllabus

Check that you meet the requirements of the syllabus sections 1.1 to 1.4. You can also use the checklist on the CD-ROM, to make sure that you have met all the requirements in this section.

End-of-chapter questions

Answer the end-of-chapter questions on p.16-17 of the Coursebook. Write the answers in your exercise book.
(Note for Question 4, you can construct a dichotomous key to help someone identify five of your family members (instead of teachers).

Mark your work using the answer key on the CD-ROM

If you made any mistakes, go over the work until you understand the work properly. Write out the corrections.  Ask your parent or teacher to help you.

Multiple choice questions

Complete the multiple choice question for chapter 1 on the CD-ROM.

 Closing the lesson and the chapter

 Ask yourself these questions as you end this chapter:

  • What did you enjoy the most about the work in this chapter?
  • What new things did you learn in this chapter?
  • What areas do you still need to work on? When and how will you work on these areas?
  • How do you think this chapter will relate to the rest of the course and in particular to the next chapter on cells?