Cambridge AS level Pure Maths 2 video course (code 9709)


Our online study guide

Pure maths 2 workbookOur online study guide for Pure Mathematics 2 will lead you step-by-step through the curriculum, helping you to master the concepts and skills required for the course.

We understand the needs of private candidates and homeschoolers, and have planned the course to cater for students who do not have access to an expert in maths. Key features of the course include:

  • The curriculum is divided into manageable lessons which enable you to plan an effective study programme.
  • Face-to-face videos - where you actually see your teacher - explain the concepts involved in each lesson. This allows you to repeat any explanation as often as you wish, until you grasp the concept being explained.
  • Key definitions, formulae and procedures are highlighted so that you know exactly what the core concepts are.
  • Exercises have been carefully selected from the text book so that you can build up your skills from the simple application of isolated concepts to the combined application of a number of skills in solving a complex problem.
  • Detailed worked solutions are provided for all the prescribed exercises, so that you are able to correct your work, evaluate your progress, and identify concepts and skills that still require more work. (This in itself is an extremely valuable tool, and one which is not easy to obtain anywhere.)
  • Errors in the text book's answers are identified where necessary.

Our Pure Maths 2 course is based on the text book Pure Mathematics 2: Coursebook by Hugh Neill, Douglas Quadling and Julian Gilbey, revised edition (Cambridge University Press, 2016, ISBN 9781316600221). This book is endorsed by Cambridge International and includes a large number of exercises that will lead the student to the level of skill required by the Cambridge International curriculum.

Please look at our free lessons (indicated by * in the table of contents) to get an idea of how our study guide works.

Worked solutions

Included in our course are worked solutions for the coursebook by Neill, Quadling and Gilbey. The worked solutions should be regarded as an integral part of the course, and offer a number of important benefits:

  • The solutions are neatly typeset for easy reading.
  • All chapters are combined into one pdf document with bookmarks to each chapter and exercise.
  • Colour graphs and diagrams are included where helpful.
  • The solutions enable you to correct your work and thus to evaluate your own progress. (Please take note of these comments in our "Preliminaries" article; they explain how to evaluate your progress when marking your work.)
  • They provide a model for how to approach mathematical problems in general, and the P2 questions in particular.
  • They show you how to set out your answers.
  • They offer comments providing insight into the mathematical concepts and thought-patterns that are addressed in the exercises.
  • They provide corrections where the answers printed in the text book are incorrect. (There are not all that many errors in the text book, though.)

Note that the worked solutions do not cover all of the exercises in the text book, but they do cover all the exercises prescribed for this course.

You can get an idea of what the worked solutions look like from this link:

Worked solutions — free sample

If you take the twelve-month subscription for this course, you will obtain the worked solutions automatically. If you wish to purchase only the worked solutions, you can do so with the relevant subscription below.


The following subscription options are available:

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This subscription will give you full access to all the lessons and videos for a full year. You will be able to download all the worked solutions.

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If you are currently subscribed on the Maths P1 12 month plan, you can use the coupon "P1andP2" (leave out the quotes) on the payment page for a 25% discount.

Please take note of the release schedule for this course as given below.

Duration: 12 months
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Think of it as your personal tutor to help you with your last-minute questions as you prepare for the final exam. For little more than the cost of one lesson with a tutor, you can access over 150 videos (20 hours' worth) covering almost every concept in the P2 syllabus.

This special 4-week subscription includes all lessons and videos. Worked solutions are not included.

Duration: 4 weeks
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This subscription will allow you to download the complete worked solutions for the Pure Maths 2 course from the "My Account" area of the website.

Please note: A password is required to access the worked solutions. This password is different from the password you use to log in to this site. You will receive an email with the password for the solutions within 15-30 minutes of completing your subscription.

You will be able to access any available updates to the solutions for a period of 12 months.

If you decide to purchase a subscription for the full Pure Maths 2 course after purchasing the worked solutions, you will receive a discount of about 7.5%. Simply log in, go to "My Account >> Renew, upgrade plans", and select the upgrade. (Your subscription for the solutions must be active in order to upgrade.)

Please note that the solutions will be released progressively, chapter by chapter, according to the release schedule below.

Duration: 12 months
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