Biology classes in Pretoria

These classes are taught by Vehlia Button.

You can find the online registration form here, but please do read this page before completing it!

The Cambridge Biology courses

The Cambridge IG and AS/A Level biology courses are excellent preparation for those students wanting to study in the fields of medicine, health sciences and other branches of science. The courses cover a lot of theory but also introduce students to the experimental work that is done in biology. Students will be expected to apply their knowledge to new situations thus teaching them very valuable study and life skills.

Students doing IG Biology will write three exams: Paper 2 (multiple choice questions), Paper 4 (structured questions), Paper 6 (Alternative to practical). This is at extended level.

Students doing AS Biology will also write three exams: Paper 1 (multiple choice questions), Paper 2 (Structured questions), Paper 3 (Practical).

Please note that in the AS Biology exam session does include a practical paper but there is an alternative to practical paper at IG Level. Practical work will be included in the AS class.

Work programme and classes available

Students will be given homework to do each day. Cambridge expects students to work about 180 hours per AS level subject. This amounts to about 5-6 hours per week per subject. Biology is an intensive learning subject and some students may require more hours per week to get through the work. Please support your child by making sure he/she is able to put in the necessary hours of study.

Classes will be limited to a maximum of 6 students per class.

I will be offering the following classes in 2020:

IG Biology (writing in October / November 2021)

These are two new classes that will start in 2020 and work through the syllabus over two years. Students will write the exams in October / November 2021.

  • Monday afternoons (15:30-16:30) Rietfontein
  • Wednesday afternoons (16:00-17:00) Moreleta Park

IG Biology (writing in October / November 2020)

This class has been working through the syllabus since the beginning of 2019. The focus of this class in 2020 will be mainly revision and exam preparation and students will write the exams in October/November. There is one place left in this class.

  • Wednesday afternoons (15:00-16:00) Moreletapark

AS Biology (writing in October / November 2020)

This will be a one-year course: students will work through the syllabus and write in the exams in October / November 2021. Students must have successfully completed the IG Biology exams to apply for this class. Note the class will be two hours per week. This will give us time to do practical work regularly as well as cover the material in the depth that it needs to be done in. There is one place left in this class

  • Tuesday afternoons (15:00-17:00) Centurion

Fees and fee structure

The fees are as follows:

The two new IG Biology classes (writing in 2021) will be R660 per month for 12 months (January – December)

The Wednesday IG Biology class (writing in 2020) will be R655 per month for ten months (January – October)

AS Biology will be R1360 per month for 10 months (January to October).

Fees are payable before the 7th of the month and can be transferred via EFT to Imago Education.

Once you send in your registration form, you will receive a confirmation of registration letter, which will include your personal payment reference. Please ensure that all payments made have your personal reference.

Bank details

First National Bank, cheque account
Branch code: 250 655
Account name: Imago Education
Account number: 6270 8573 581


Biology classes will commence the week starting 13 January 2020. Terms will be as per the government school terms, although I will start all four terms on the Monday of the week that schools restart.

The classes writing in October / November 2020 will not have the September school holidays.

The terms dates are:

Term1: Monday 13 January – Friday 20 March
Term 2: Monday 30 March – Friday 12 June
Term 3: Monday 6 July – Friday 18 September
Term 4: Monday 28 September – Friday 27 November 


Textbooks are available from Cambridge University Press (African branch) based in Cape Town.


Telephone: (021) 412-7800


IG textbooks

We will be using two textbooks:

  1. The Coursebook, which provides the essential  subject content of the course.
  2. The Workbook, which provides a wealth of excellent practice exercises.

Here are the details for the two books:

biology ig coursebookTitle: Cambridge IG Biology: Coursebook (Third edition)

Authors: Mary Jones and Geoff Jones

Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2014

ISBN: 978-1-107-61479-6

Price: approx. R465 (from Cambridge University Press)



biology ig workbookTitle: Cambridge IG Biology: Workbook (Third edition)

Authors: Mary Jones and Geoff Jones

Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2014

ISBN: 978-1-107-61493-2

Price: approx. R182 (from Cambridge University Press)



AS Level textbooks

We will be using a set of three textbooks:

  1. The Coursebook, which will be the main textbook covering the course material.
  2. The Workbook, which will give the students practice with exam type questions in each chapter.
  3. The Practical Workbook, which we will use for practical experiments.

The textbooks cover both the AS Level and the A Level course, so there will be no further books to purchase for those wanting to go on to A Levels.

Here are the details for each of the books:

biology as coursebookTitle: Cambridge International AS and A Level Biology: Coursebook (Fourth edition)

Authors: Mary Jones, Richard Fosbery, Jennifer Gregory and Dennis Taylor

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-110-763-682-8

Price: approx. R880 (from Cambridge University Press)



biology as workbookTitle: Cambridge International AS and A Level Biology: Workbook (with CD Rom)

Authors: Mary Jones, Matthew Parkin

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-110-758-947-6

Price: approx. R320 (from Cambridge University Press)

Available from November 2019


biology as practical workbookTitle: Cambridge International AS & A Level Biology: Practical Workbook

Authors: Mary Jones, Mathew Parkin

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-110-843-681-6

Price: approx. R280 (from Cambridge University Press) 




Students will need the following stationery:

  • File to keep the work. It would be helpful to have 22 file dividers (one for each chapter).
  • Index book (A5 size). This book has alphabetic divisions. Students will use this book to compile their own personal biology dictionary.
  • Index cards to be used for flash cards. Tokai board will also work.
  • Pen, HB pencil, good quality eraser, ruler, calculator.

Queries and registration

 If you have any queries about these classes, please contact Vehlia Button (email: , or use the contact form on this website).

If you would like to register for one of the classes, please use the online registration form.

We look forward to working together!