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Private students often don't know how to work with a textbook in such a way as to master the concepts and apply the knowledge. Frequently, they will read through the textbook, and perhaps answer some of the questions, believing that this is all that is required. What is really needed, though, is a comprehensive, systematic, structured set of learning activities that will lead the student to a mastery of the subject. Not all parents have the time to set up these learning activities. It is Imago Education's aim to provide such a set of learning activities, divided into manageable lessons, that will guide the student through the learning process and enable him/her to prepare thoroughly for the final exam.

We will be using Cambridge IG® Biology Coursebook, by Mary Jones and Geoff Jone, third edition (Cambridge University Press, 2014, ISBN: 978-1-107-61479-6) as the textbook for this course. This particular textbook is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education and therefore meets the requirements of the course. The textbook is well written and is particularly suitable for the private candidate studying on their own. In addition, we will also be using the Workbook to help students practice applying their knowledge in similar ways to what will be asked for in the exams. We will be using Cambridge IG ® Biology Workbook, by Mary Jones and Geoff Jones, third edition (Cambridge University Press, 2014, ISBN: 978-1-107-61493).

Imago Education is a resource provider rather than a curriculum provider. Our courses are really study guides aimed at helping the home schooling family and private candidate know how to study the material. Parents remain responsible for making sure their children are working through the material and understanding the concepts that need to mastered. We hope we have made your work a little easier for you by dividing the material into lessons and supplying learning activities for each lesson.

Please look at our free lesson (indicated by * in the table of contents) to get an idea of how this course works.


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Study guide for IG Biology course. Course code: 0610.

This course is based on the Completely Cambridge text book written by Mary Jones and Geoff Jones. It includes a variety of learning activities, divided into manageable lessons, which will help the student to master the knowledge and skills required by the curriculum.

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Duration: 12 months
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Release schedule

 Please note that the complete biology course is not yet available. Lessons for chapters 1-13 are available which is about 64 lessons which is about 12 weeks worth of work. The remaining chapters will be released as soon as they are ready between February and the end of April 2019.