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These classes are taught by Bruce Button.

You can find the online registration form here, but please do read this page before completing it!

The Cambridge Mathematics courses

Like all the courses offered by Cambridge, the IG and AS-Level Mathematics courses are of an excellent educational standard. Students who complete the courses successfully will develop the appropriate skills for using mathematics effectively in everyday life and in later, more technical settings.

The Cambridge IG Mathematics course helps students to master a broad range of essential mathematical skills and to apply these skills in everyday life situations. IG Mathematics is highly recommended for anyone wanting to complete a good secondary education that will provide a good foundation for a wide range of professions and pursuits later on.

The Cambridge AS-Level Mathematics course covers a number of important topics that are essential for further study in any scientific or engineering field — and very useful in many other fields as well. Whereas the IG course has an emphasis on breadth, the AS course emphasizes depth: it offers a good degree of technical detail, and introduces students to problem solving and mathematical modelling — both of which are essential for the practical application of mathematics in almost any relevant field. Any student wanting to study science, engineering, medicine or related fields must take mathematics to AS-Level at least. Though mathematics is not quite as essential for business and social science-related fields, students heading in these directions are also well-advised to take their mathematics up to AS-Level.  And even students with an eye on the humanities (languages, history, etc.) can benefit greatly from AS-Level Mathematics!

Two papers are written for the IG Mathematics course and there is no choice: students must cover all sections of the course. For AS-Level, students must choose two modules from a total of four options. The options are as follows:

Options for AS-Level

Students must choose Pure Mathematics 1 and ONE out of the other three modules.

  • Pure Mathematics 1 (P1): This module is compulsory and covers topics like coordinate geometry, functions and graphs, quadratic equations, sequences and series, trigonometry, elementary calculus (differentiation and integration). Imago Education will be offering classes for this module in 2021.
  • Pure Mathematics 2 (P2): This module is optional and covers exponentials and logarithms, more advanced aspects of trigonometry, more advanced calculus, using numerical methods for solving equations and performing other calculations. Imago Education will not be offering classes for this module in 2021.
  • Mechanics (M): This module is optional. It overlaps to a large extent with some topics that one encounters in Physics, although the emphasis is different. Topics covered include displacement, velocity and acceleration, forces and equilibrium, friction, momentum and energy. Imago Education will be offering classes for this module in 2021.
  • Statistics 1 (S1): This module is optional. Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with probabilities and the processing of numerical data. The Cambridge Statistics 1 course covers topics like graphical representations of data, characterizing data sets according to their centre and spread, and various aspects of probability theory. Imago Education will not be offering classes for this module in 2021.

Course format and approach

Classes will be held in Rietfontein, Pretoria and will also be available for online participation. Every effort will be made to allow for enjoyable and meaningful participation for all students, no matter whether they are attending in person or online.

A very important issue which we stress through all our teaching is that learning only occurs through what the student thinks and does; a teacher cannot simply impart knowledge to a student without any effort on his part. In just the same way that you can only develop your muscles by doing meaningful exercises (not by watching your trainer!), so you can only learn by exercising your mind with appropriate activities. Thus, the backbone of all these mathematics courses will be daily exercises and activities which students must work on consistently. These exercises will be clearly laid out so that students know exactly how to engage with the study material.

Regular feedback and assessment of students' work will also be given. This is essential for identifying difficulties and issues that students may be experiencing so that they can be addressed as early as possible.

For the AS-Level courses, the class teaching will be supplemented with videos that students can watch (and re-watch) in their own time. This will help us to make the most of our class time.

Classes, venue and times


All classes will be held at 692 24th Avenue, Rietfontein, and will be available for online participation at the same time.

We will be offering the following classes in 2021:

IG Mathematics

We will be offering one class in IG Mathematics.

The class will prepare students to write their exam in October/November 2021.

  • Wednesday mornings (10:45-11:45)

AS-Level Mathematics

We will be offering Pure Mathematics 1 and Mechanics. These classes will prepare students to write their exams in October/November 2021.

  • Mechanics: Wednesday mornings (8:30-9:20)
  • Pure Mathematics 1: Wednesday mornings (9:25-10:35)

Fees and fee structure

Fees for the various classes are:

  • IG Mathematics: R660.00 per month for ten months (January to October 2021)
  • Pure Mathematics 1 (AS-Level): R800 per month for ten months (January to October 2021)
  • Mechanics (AS-Level): R600 per month for ten months (January to October 2021)

Fees are payable before the 7th of the month and can be transferred via EFT to Imago Education.

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation of registration letter, which will include your personal payment reference. Please ensure that all payments made have your personal reference.

Bank details

First National Bank, cheque account
Branch code: 250 655
Account name: Imago Education
Account number: 6270 8573 581

Term dates

Classes will commence on Wednesday 13 January 2020. No classes will be held on public holidays.

The terms dates are:

Term1: Monday 11 January – Friday 26 March
Term 2: Monday 12 April – Friday 11 June
Term 3: Monday 12 July – Wednesday 29 September


Textbooks are available from Cambridge University Press (African branch) based in Cape Town.


Telephone: (021) 412-7800


IG Mathematics

Only one text book is required:

maths ig coursebookTitle: Cambridge IG® Mathematics Core and Extended Coursebook (Second edition)

Authors: Karen Morrison & Nick Hamshaw

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-1-108-43718-9

Price: approx. R545 (from Cambridge University Press)



 Pure Mathematics 1

For this module, the coursebook is essential and it is highly recommended that you obtain the worked solutions book as well:

maths-p1-coursebookTitle: Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics: Pure Mathematics 1 Coursebook

Authors: Sue Pemberton & Julian Gilbey

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-1-108-40714-4

Price: approx. R499 (from Cambridge University Press)



maths-p1-worked-solutionsTitle: Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics Pure Mathematics 1 Worked Solutions Manual

Authors: Muriel James

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 997-8-1-108-61305-7





As for Pure Mathematics 1, the coursebook is essential and it is highly recommended that you obtain the worked solutions book as well:

mechanics-coursebookTitle: Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics: Mechanics Coursebook

Authors: Jan Dangerfield, Stuart Haring & Julian Gilbey

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-1-108-40726-7

Price: approx. R419 (from Cambridge University Press)



mechanics-worked-solutionsTitle: Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics Mechanics Worked Solutions Manual

Authors: Nick Hamshaw & Elaine Dorsett

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-1-108-75892-5





Students will need the following stationery:

  • A4 hardcover notebook for exercises.
  • A5 hardcover notebook for summarizing important formulae, theorems, etc.
  • Pen, pencil, ruler, scientific calculator.

Queries and registration

 If you have any queries about these classes, please contact Bruce Button (email: , or use the contact form on this website).

If you would like to register for one of the classes, please use the online registration form.

We look forward to working together!