Terms and conditions of subscriptions

  1. By purchasing a subscription to one of the courses on this site, you obtain a licence to access to all the resources associated with that course (web pages, files, etc.) through the Imago Education website (https://imago-education.com) for the duration of the subscription.
  2. The subscription may be used by all members of one household.
  3. The Imago Education website will allow one session at a time for each subscriber. Multiple sessions are possible from the same browser on one workstation. (In other words, one user may log in from multiple windows of the same browser.)
  4. Institutions (including schools, tutoring centres, etc.) need to purchase one subscription per workstation that will be used to access the resources of each course. We offer a 20% discount for five or more simultaneous subscriptions to any one course by an institution.
  5. The use of spiders, crawlers, bots, etc. to scrape the site or download web pages is strictly forbidden. Users whose accounts are used for this purpose may be blocked immediately.
  6. The course subscriptions do not include personal tutoring of any kind, but Imago Education may, at its sole discretion, answer queries from subscribers relating to the course content. Answering such queries does not constitute or create a commitment or obligation to answer any or all such queries.
  7. These terms and conditions may be changed or updated at any time. Current subscribers will be notified by email of such changes.
  8. By clicking the "Process Subscription" button you accept and agree to adhere to these terms and conditions.